Design Automation

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software provides a powerfull set of tools for designers and engineers to speed up the design process and reduce waste of time on repetitive tasks thanks to design automation.

Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS®

Capture and reuse knowledge of design , manufacturing and cost estimation to deliver customized products more quickly and accurately, without using complex macros, design tables or configurations

Eliminate Errors

SOLIDWORKS ® automation based on DriveWorks rules eliminates errors and costly , time-consuming modifications to the design.

Save Time & Innovate More

Automate SOLIDWORKS ® repetitive tasks and free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

How Does SOLIDWORKS Design Automation Work?

1. Capture SOLIDWORKS® Models

Using the DriveWorks Add-in, capture the parameters you currently manually change in your SOLIDWORKS ® models, assemblies, and drawings.

2. Build Rules & Logic

Use the intelligent DriveWorks Rules Builder to enter your engineering knowledge into custom rules to automatically check and update the captured parameters.

3. Run Project

Run your DriveWorks project over and over again. Enter order-specific design requirements and automatically generate new SOLIDWORKS® models, assemblies, drawings and BOMs, based on your rules.

Design Automation Features

Advanced SOLIDWORKS® Drawing Automation
    Save time and boost quality of the product by automatically creating precise drawings for the production of SOLIDWORKS.
  • Control sheets, views, text annotations, position annotations, layers, break lines and custom properties
  • Generation reports provide a full audit trail of the drawing values
  • Save extra file formats such as PDF, JPEG, DWF and DWG
Master SOLIDWORKS® Files

New copies of your master SOLIDWORKS ® files are created by DriveWorks and all changes are made to these files, saved in new locations based on your rules.

  • Never modify or overwrite your Master files
  • No risk that master data will get corrupt
  • References are always correctly drawn based on your rules
Replacement Components
Replace components in your SOLIDWORKS ® assemblies automatically with static parts from a library, or DriveWorks pre-driven dynamic replacements.
  • Unlimited Replacement Number
  • ​Maintain simple Master Models​
  • Easily introduce new replacement options
Intelligent Component Re-use
Control whether DriveWorks is creating new SOLIDWORKS ® files or re-using existing ones with rules.
  • Use smart file naming to build a component library
  • Save time to generate using previously created models
  • Propagate design changes swiftly
Generation Tasks
Use specific tasks to be performed while creating your new SOLIDWORKS ® models, assemblies and drawings to fully control how your new model is created.
  • Toolbox with more than 30 Generation Tasks
  • SOLIDWORKS Granular Automation Control
  • Task looping generative modelling
Generation Tasks
    DriveWorks joins SOLIDWORKS ® PDM Professional. Generated models, assemblies and drawings can be automatically checked into the vault as well as any additional file formats that have been created.
      • Check assemblies, parts, and drawings as DriveWorks generates them
      • In the PDM vault DriveWorks always uses the latest master models and drawings
      • Delete files and directories from the vault with DriveWorks